At Aboo Insurance Brokers, we understand that nothing can make up for the loss to you and your family caused by accidental death, injury and permanent disablement. We help you minimize your loss and maintain your usual lifestyle by providing monetary compensation in case of accident as well as covering for medical expenses incurred. 

What is the coverage?
Two options are available:

  • Worldwide: 24-hour, round the clock insurance is provided for covered accidents in the course of business or pleasure. Coverage includes accidents (except as limited by the Exclusions) whether on or off the job, occurring in the home, or traveling. There are no geographical limits; it is worldwide accident protection.
  • Nationwide Workplace: Nationwide insurance covering work-related accidents, including travel to and from the workplace.

What are the special benefits of insuring with AIB?
Protect you, your family or your employees at minimal costs and get the peace of mind that our Personal Accident Insurance plan can offer. Forte's policy additionally gives you:

  • Flexibility
  • Efficient claims services
  • Wide range of cover
  • Easy Administration for Companies
  • Disappearance & Exposure Clause
  • Extended Coverage